Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

This “Privacy Notice” explains how NetXD, including subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, “NetXD”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) handles personal data and the rights and choices available to visitors, regarding personal data. Personal data refers to information that relates to an identifiable individual that may be shared/collected when a user visits our website or uses our services.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on Sep 07, 2022, and could be subject to change to comply with new legal requirements or with evolving business needs.

2. Overview

NetXD provides financial technology services to Banks and Fintechs and this Privacy Policy provides a general overview of our privacy practices when we handle your personal data. NetXD does not share personal or professional information of users with any third party. The processing of personal data by NetXD, that may include details such as name, contact number, email address of visitors to our website shall always be in line with regulations governing operations in various areas. Additional jurisdiction-specific information applicable for users in certain locations such as EU/EEA or applicable US Data Privacy laws are outlined in detail in subsequent sections in this Privacy Law.


As the controller, NetXD has implemented multiple securities to ensure the complete protection of data submitted and processed through this website.

If after going through our privacy policy you have any queries, you may contact our Data Protection Officer (see section 4) or contact us at :

Email Id –

Address – Massachusetts St, Lawrence, Kansas US

2. Audiences

Audiences are defined on the basis of their level of interaction

2.1 Website Visitors (also referred to as “Visitors”)

If you have visited our website but have not filled any form sharing your details, then you will be referred to as a “Visitor”.

2.2   Respondents

If you have interacted and shared your details with us to contact you, your classification will be a “Respondent”.

2.3   Client

If you have been availing our services, you are our “Client”.

3. Controller and Processor

NetXD is both a data Processor and Controller as defined in GDPR.

4. Data Protection Officer

NetXD has a Data Protection Officer (also referred to as “DPO”) responsible for matters relating to privacy and data protection of all Visitors, Respondents and Clients. This Data Protection Officer can be reached at the following address –

NetXD Inc

Massachusetts St, Lawrence, Kansas US

Email id –

5. Who collects your data?

The data collected by NetXD is with the help of third party tools like Google Analytics. The third-party tools do not retain any of your information and are not legally permitted to store or use your data. All data and information pertaining to you resides only with NetXD.

6. How is data collected?

Data is collected in the following manners –

6.1   Cookie Data

Cookies are text files with small pieces of information sent by a website to a Visitor’s hard disk. Cookies cannot be used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. By continuing to visit the website, you permit the cookies to reside on your device. A temporary cookie may also be used on protected and unprotected sections of our site in order to relay information that is input on one page of the site by the shareholder to other areas that require the same information (access to gated content). This relieves the user from having to input the same data on multiple pages. Temporary cookies will not be placed on the computer hard drive of a user, and will only be used during the current session; they are discarded once the user terminates the session. Cookies are activated only during visits to NetXD’s website and does not track activity once a user leaves the website.

6.2   Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to collect information related to the pages the visitor has visited, time spent on that particular page and other standard log information. Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that you share with us is not accessed by Google Analytics. 

6.3   Lead Form

Visitors may share their information with us by filling up the lead forms. Lead forms usually contain name, contact number and email address. This information is typically used by our team to reach out to you, either to schedule a demo or to offer clarifications to you. All the information shared through lead forms remains with NetXD.

7. Declaration of Sub-Processing

NetXD utilises the services of three organisations that act as our Data Processor when certain services are provided to you: 

7.1   Google Analytics

It helps us to track the movement of a Visitor within our website and the time spent by the Visitor, along with other standard log information. Personally identifiable data is not captured, or stored or used by Google. Visit Google’s Privacy Policy for more information by clicking here.

7.3   Mailgun

As part of the registration process for our e-newsletter and for triggering emails, we collect personal information. We use that information to interact with you, or seek additional information, to verify our records and to gauge your satisfaction levels. These email lists are neither rented nor shared with other organisations and businesses. We use a third-party provider, Mailgun, to deliver our newsletter. We gather statistics around email opening and clicks using industry standard technologies to help us monitor and improve our e-newsletter. For more information, please check Mailgun’s privacy notice. You can unsubscribe from general mails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails or by emailing our data protection officer.

8. External Links

This website may include relevant hyperlinks to external websites not controlled by NetXD. Whilst all reasonable care has been exercised in selecting and providing any such links, you are advised to exercise caution before clicking any external links. We cannot guarantee the safety of external links, nor do we continually verify the safety or security of the contents provided on the websites. You are therefore advised that your use of external links is at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damages or consequences, arising out of clicking such links.

9. About Sensitive Personal Data

GDPR specifies a set of personal data categories which are considered to be “sensitive”, and which require special consideration by Data Controllers. This website, and any services available from this website, do not knowingly collect or process any sensitive personal data.

10. About Children’s Personal Data

This website, and any services available from this website, are not directed at children under the age of 13. If you learn that a child under the age of 13 has provided us with their personal information without having parental consent, please contact the NetXD Data Protection Officer for us to take appropriate action.

11. Data Rights for Respondents and Clients

As prescribed within data protection regulations, you have several rights regarding your personal data shared with NetXD while using this website. These include your rights to request that NetXD:

  • Confirm regarding the type of personal data held about you, if any, and the purpose of holding the data
  • Accept the changes in consent sought by you with relation to personal data
  • Correct inaccurate/incomplete personal data about you
  • Halt processing of your personal data, pending resolution of objections raised by you
  • Permanently erase all your personal data, and confirm the same (this may sometimes be hard to fulfil) 

12. Retention and Deletion of Data

Data of Respondents and Clients are held by NetXD to ensure continuity of services and to offer additional information. Data of Clients are retained in our secured databases and will not be modified or deleted until requested by the Client. When a Client ceases consumption of any of our services, all personal data is automatically deleted from our databases. Data of respondents are retained until the time that it is necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected, or as required by applicable laws.

13. Access and modify data

In the event that you wish to know about all data that we possess, or if you wish to edit/delete data, contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO). Our DPO will give you the rights to access and modify your data.

14. Our Legal Basis for using your data

Everything we do with records about individuals – obtaining information, storing, using, or deleting it – will have an acceptable legal basis. We also retain the right to reveal the Client’s or Respondents information without their prior permission if it is required by law to initiate any legal proceedings against that person or if we believe that person is responsible for infringing rights and property belonging to NetXD or to others who could be harmed by the user’s activities or of persons who could (deliberately or otherwise) transgress upon these rights and property. We are permitted to disclose personal information when we have good reason to believe that this is legally required.

15. The six principles of GDPR

Principle 1 – Fair, Lawful and Transparency

We ensure that all your personal data are handled by us only and only for the services that you have authorized. While collecting data from you, we will ensure that there is transparency and you understand that you are giving us authorization to connect with you. Your data will not be used for any other services or any unlawful activity.

Principle 2 – Purpose

Visitors who share their data with us become Respondents and Respondents who avail our services become our Clients. The purpose of receiving the data is to connect with you and solve your queries. The purpose of having Clients data is to update clients about the latest changes and to ensure that clients are updated about our latest services.

Principle 3 – Adequacy

If you are our Client, we will require documents related to your business. We do not require any sensitive information and would like you to refrain from sharing such information with us unless explicitly required by law or necessary for any other services provided by NetXD.

If you are a Respondent, then we will have only basic personal information about you unless you have shared any other details with us.

Principle 4 – Accuracy

We will ensure that the data you have provided is not altered at any stage and will take all necessary steps to verify the authenticity of the data. Accurate information is very essential to the services that we provide.

Principle 5 – Retention

If you are our Client, we will require your data till the time you opt out of our service. However, if during the period of availing our service you would like to modify or delete some data, you will be permitted the access by our Data Protection Officer (DPO).

If you are a Respondent, at any time you can choose to delete all the data we have on you. Otherwise, we will hold your data for six months until and unless explicitly given any other time frame to retain your data with NetXD.

Principle 6 – Rights

You will have the right to access a copy of information we have about you, the right to object to processing of your data, the right to prevent direct marketing, editing of your personal data and the right to claim compensation for damages by a breach of the Act.

16. Acceptance of these conditions

We assume that all Visitors, Respondents and Clients have read this page carefully. Any queries regarding this policy can be sought from our Data Protection Officer. If you do not agree to this policy, please refrain from using our website and services.

17. Changes to Privacy Policy

We may change this policy from time to time. However, all the changes will be compliant with GDPR to ensure the safety and protection of your personal data. If you continue using our website or services after we have changed our policies, it indicates that you have accepted our revised policies.


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