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We use cookies and similar technologies to enhance your experience on our Website and when you use our Services. Like most online services, certain personalized features, cannot be extended without setting up for enabling these technologies

When you visit (our “Website”), some information may be stored on your device. This could be a cookie, a web beacon, pixel, log file, or similar technology for the purpose of collecting only necessary data related to your use of our website/services. Cookies are small text files with information stored on your device when you visit our Website. Cookies help improve experience on websites, for instance, your login processes will be more convenient, and cookies also help us understand how visitors use our website. 

Data collected through cookies

The data collected by cookies include information such as browsing history, click history, IP address, device type, the pages in our Website visited, and the clicked links. This information helps us improve your experience and the efficiency of our Website. 

Third-Party Cookies

On our Website, you may also notice links to social media sites. You may receive cookies from these websites when you visit through the links on our website. We are not in control of these cookies and not responsible for the acts/omissions of these third parties. You may check these sites for information about the cookies used by these sites.   

To help us improve your experience on our site we use third party service providers, for instance analytics providers. These services may place cookies to offer personalized services to users and to improve the experience. 

Manage Your Cookies

For further information about cookies, refer You may manage your cookies as per your preferences, by adjusting your web browser settings. However, when you delete necessary cookies or when you disable future cookies, access to certain functions or features on our Website may be affected.

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